Our Original AI Engine

Event-Driven Inference Engine (EDIE)

Our proprietary Event-Driven Inference Engine (EDIE) provides round-the-clock business intelligence through the use of multi-modal sensors to better understand your customers. While your customers may not fill in feedback forms, they are constantly providing feedback with their reaction and behavior. Our analytics are centered around human behavior and engagement to “hear” your customers’ silent feedback.

AI-based Business Analytics with Computer Vision

Your CCTV is constantly looking at your customers and also your unrealized potential customers. Beyond providing security for your business, your CCTV can be used as real-time image analytics tool. CCTV with our software engine EDIE, we can detect and track persons and objects, and provide useful business analytics report and insights to improve your business.

computer vision

Your CCTVs
transform AI's eyes

Effective interactions can be reflected in quantitative data such as higher conversion rates or qualitative data such as increased customer satisfaction. EDIE can evaluate the quality of interaction between groups of people such as your employee and customers. Depending on your business type, we can provide quantitative data so that you can make evidence-based decisions to improve employee training and assessment.

EDIE gives you real-time snapshots of your business. Taking a restaurant business as an example, EDIE can monitor food and beverage consumption rate at each table. The data enables restaurants to better design their menu, serving time, and portion. You can also use this data to improve the restaurant operation efficiency by allocating waiters’ time based on your customers’ needs.

We can detect and track persons within view and infer their engagement with objects of interest such as restaurant menus or signboards. We measure this engagement using a novel metric Attention Quotient (AQ). AQ can be used when conducting an AB test. For example, Signboard is a key element in attracting customers and converting passersby to customers. We can mark out signboard locations in the videos and produce metrics such as the number of people who paid attention to your signboard (high AQ). Essentially, we enable you to perform AB testing of signboard designs and understand what attracts new customers.

Embedded Passive
Sensors for
Cost-effective and Robust Data Collection

Embedded passive sensors such as RFID tags can be a cost-effective method to track interactions between your customers and your product. Passive sensors are a broad category of sensors that provide information about the environment such as the presence of an item or a specific measurement such as temperature. These sensors do not require on-board batteries and rely on the physical properties of the sensor material to generate output data. They can also be attached to existing assets without additional customizations. Thus, they are cost-effective, robust and generally compact solutions for many applications.


RFID can now
detect water level

OMG is an automated monitoring and feedback system for restaurants to enhance their customer experience. We use embedded passive RFID tags in glasses to detect water level in each glass so that waiters are alerted to provide table service for tables where glasses are empty. By leveraging robust passive sensing technology, we provide a full coverage alert system and timely customer service. In addition, OMG can also provide other metrics such as the turnover time for drinks to complete your business analytics.

Building on OMG technology to measure water level in a glass, OMG Art translates the water level information to a compelling visual representation of colorful bubbles. In OMG Art, RFID pattern variations are mapped to the excitement of bubbles. Bubble movements are sluggish when the glass is full but becomes ecstatic when the glass is empty. In the future, OMG Art will also introduce an app so that artists can create their own animations to use OMG technology as a canvas for their artistic expression.